Rugby 2018 is a four years project (2014 - 2018) that aims to form a conscious youth generation able to accomplishing.

The project heading to create a generation isolated from war, extremism, fights, and violence, a sturdy generation makes all Libyans proud. Sports & Rugby are the best way to achieve this goal which motivates the dream of participating the African Olympic Games for youth athletes in 2018 at Algeria , and Arab Championship in Benghazi - Libya at 2018.  Championships are not the main purpose of the project, but the human himself, to be understanding and conscious to his role in life and look for a better future. We are always looking forward to work effortfully for this non-profiting project. We did not stop exercising even during war.  Passion, love, and gratitude was and still our fuel to work in Rugby 2018 over 35 months of continuous achieving for our country youth, which giving us a real feeling of honor and pride.


Aims of the project :


Use sports as an appliance to keep youth away from crime and extremism.


Harnessing Rugby to improve the social peace.


Induct sports to maintain children & young people’s health, added to decreasing diseases.


The employment of sports as medication to heal the psychological disabilities which caused by wars & catastrophes or disasters..


Motivate youth men to do sports & spread sports importance culture , to be a necessary section of the project.


Hosting The Arab Championship for Rugby to activate sport’s role in our country.


Include Rugby as school activity to make part of students life.


Host a local championships & international participations.


Construct a complete academy ( Cultural – Social – Athletic )


To be funded from private corporations & International foundations.